Hosiery For You

Silks® embodies everyday timeless hosiery, made for women who exude elegance and modern sophistication in their daily wardrobe.

Our Collection

Silks® ranges from classic styles to shaping sheers and luxurious socks. We design collections to offer women a variety of styles to give them the leg beauty they desire.

The Hosiery Revolution

Hosiery has evolved over the last 50 years, from classic “stockings” to new ultra sheer looks and fashion crochets. We take pride in our collections. Each season, a dedicated team selects on-trend styles and classic must-haves and infuse them with leading edge innovative technology. We strive to be a strong part of the hosiery revolution and continue to build on the success of the Silks brand. Let us inspire and embrace your femininity through our collection.


We're all about a touch of modern sophistication, especially when it comes to re-imagining responsible making.

Since the beginning, our company has been re-imagining and building the future of responsible apparel manufacturing. From reducing and repurposing waste, to ensuring employees are offered good working environments where they can strive, we set strict standards at every step of the process.

Our unwavering commitment to ethical, social and environmental excellence ensures everything we make is made with the utmost respect for what matters most—people and the planet.